São Paulo, SP Mizuno Lab

Vídeo + Pictures

It’s simply the first Mizuno store in the world. A lab store, with the required flexibility to experiment new technologies and sales formats, as a way to reflect the global positioning of the store and to create a surprise element for the customer. These were the new challenges dealt by the new Mizuno Lab at the Morumbi Shopping Mall, and this creative project has fulfilled its mission’s demands.

We developed a whole new furniture concept, so that the store could be totally changed, with the goal of trying out new possibilities. We inserted technology through touch screens, smart fitting rooms, wi-fi, interactive table, virtual running track, iPads, and we brought the brand’s concept with a ceiling that shows the technology wave, the Mizuno museum and the brand’s contents in the monitor screens. In addition, we have created magic to the customers through a mobile wall that can alter the visitor flux to the store, in accordance to the brand’s needs, being able to transform it to an events venue.