São Paulo, SP Havaianas Lab

Vídeo + Pictures

Creating a new experience for Brazil’s most iconic brand, as well as one of the most important companies in the world is always a great challenge, especially when the goal is having an innovative Lab Store designed to be changed at any time and equipped with lots of technology and new customers experiences, without losing its “disconnection essence” which is preached by the brand.

The creative response of TWO’s team came in the format of a new dynamics for the Havaianas’ retail, proposing the store’s division in “moodlists”, such as the playlist model used by Spotify. These dynamics have enabled a new shopping experience, as well as more flexibility to expose the collections. In the creative concept, we have brought materials that reinforce the “conceptual” universe of the brand, such as venetian doors (patio doors), plants, soft fabrics, rugs and colors that mix cheerful tones with white. All the exhibit’s furniture was developed by us, so that it could be adapted for any store format, or product exposition.

Furthermore, technology was inserted with discretion in wi-fi systems, touch screens, smart mirrors, interactive tables, a heating mapping system and lockers. A true “omnichannel” store, for building the brand a well as new experiences for Havaianas’ customers.